Stop Veteran Suicides
More than 45,000 veterans and active-duty service members have killed themselves in the past six years. That is more than 22 deaths a day — in other words, more suicides each year than the total American military deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq.

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Mail to: PO Box 910032 Lexington KY 40591
Stop Soldier Suicides is a 501(c)3 charity. Our help is always free to service members and veterans.


We Understand

We understand, we're veterans too. If you're experiencing a crisis or you have a friend who is, we have trained responders who will answer your call, or text, and chat with you for a while. You can decide what you want to talk about... we'll listen and we'll help you get the help you need.


Who We Are

Adrian has been tinting windows for over ten years. He’s our master installer, and he has a vast knowledge of the window tinting business. He is also the business owner and he works hard behind the scenes to keep the shop running at top speed. He’s the man with the answers to any and all of your window film

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